April of 2019 marks 10 years since I bought the domain name “emergingedtech.com” and started posting here. And what a long, strange (and fun!) trip it’s been. I can hardly believe it has been that long.
My objective when I started was to combine my passion for writing, learning, and sharing with my interest in the burgeoning fields of social media and blogging. It certainly became a great way learn about the evolving intersection of education and technology, while learning about these new social technologies along the way.
I had no expectation that it would lead to so many connections. Granted, many of them are not truly “social” connections, but some of them ultimately evolved into important professional relationships and even friendships.

One of my sons 3D printed “Emerging Ed” for me one Christmas (definitely one of the coolest presents I ever got!)
In the early years, I often spent hours many nights researching a topic of interest and sharing what I had learned, hoping for feedback from others. I spent even more time on the weekends, learning, exploring, and working to get better at writing, using WordPress, managing ad placements, and much more. It was often a lot of fun, and occasionally a bit burdensome.
Over time all of that hard work paid off in numerous ways – new knowledge, connections, fun projects, and additional income. I developed and delivered training content, wrote a couple free ed tech books and then a complete “workshop in a book”. I developed a 4 week online flipped classroom workshop that I ran for many, teaching and connecting with hundreds of teachers all across the world. I began presenting at conferences and doing workshops at schools. I started teaching at the college where I work as CIO. Eventually, I took on additional part time jobs writing and managing online

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