by Will Davis
Welcome to 2019!  I hope everyone who took a break enjoyed it. For those who didn’t, why didn’t you?  Initially, I had thoughts of trying to separate from social media and news to a significant extent during the holidays but, after conversations with Linda Zec (our wonderful ANS staff liaison for the Social Media Team, among many other things) decided that it was impractical to do so for a variety of reasons.  So, as the holiday furor ebbed and flowed and I continued, still connected, to read news and year-end summations, I found myself wishing that there wouldn’t be so much frustrating news in 2019.  That’s why I decided to open my eighth calendar year writing for the ANS Nuclear Cafe with a wish list, or “listicle” in the inside jargon, if you prefer.  Here, in ascending order of importance (or, I suppose, increasing order of unlikelihood) are my five wishes for this new year in nuclear energy.  (All on one screen; no annoying “next” buttons.  You’re welcome.)
#5:  ZEC.  Zero Emission Credits seem right now to be the hot ticket in keeping operating plants going, and we see what looks like a trend in the use of these in at least two states right now.  I’d like to see this sort of policy become standard nationwide.  This isn’t to take away state’s rights, instead, it’s the notion that ALL the states would begin to understand that there must be reliable, dispatchable power and that keeping existing nuclear running wherever possible is essential.  So, I’d like to see a majority of states devise, debate, consider and adopt ZEC each of their own design with the purpose (either primary or inclusive in nature) of preserving these nuclear plants this year.
#4:  K-K 6 and 7.  TEPCO in Japan desperately needs to restart

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