2018 was a banner year in cloud computing, with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) all continuing to launch new and innovative services. We also saw growth among enterprises in the adoption of methodologies supporting the move toward cloud-native architectures, including increased investment in DevOps and security.
With the new year on the horizon, our market research team spoke to our staff subject matter experts about where enterprise cloud and skill development is heading in 2019. Here are six predictions they offered, three for enterprise skill development and three for the cloud computing industry:
Prediction #1: Organizations will begin building their own internal certifications
According to our Cloud Catalog research, adoption of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud continues to grow. Organizations are customizing public cloud platforms, deploying their own software, and building their technology stacks with their internal processes and requirements in mind.
Every path towards technology development will differ and there will be a need for both standard and customized training that caters to specific job roles within organizations. Leadership will want to ensure that new employees onboard and hit the ground running. As a result, we predict that organizations will begin offering internal certifications to gauge existing skills and assess understanding of the existing and future-state technology stack.
Prediction #2: Organizations will approach employee development from a quantifiable perspective
A skills gap continues to persist, costing organizations $258 million per year according to Rackspace. The tightening labor market in the US will only further the impact to organizations undergoing transformation projects. Organizations must work harder to build and retain the skills of existing talent so they can build or maintain a competitive edge in their industry.
To track skills growth, organizational leaders will invest in a new breed of learning solutions that track skills growth, measure effort and offer assessments that gauge

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