State-of-the-art technology demonstrates at least two important things. First, with hard work, the human mind can actualize nearly everything it dreams up. The second thing, which may be even more important, is that intelligence breeds intelligence. The smarter our creations are, the smarter we become.
This is the case with artificial intelligence (AI) and eLearning. AI allows us to leverage our LMS software solutions to an even greater extent, create online courses that transcend the boundaries of space and time, and unlock new learning possibilities.
In other words, artificial intelligence is transforming the way we learn, and here’s how:

Machines Have (Meta) Learning Abilities

Intelligent technology relies on a concept called machine learning (ML). This powerful capability allows it not only to collect data but also to learn from it. As a result, we now have machines that recognize patterns and make decisions without human supervision.
In the context of online courses, ML ensures a deeper insight into learners’ needs and preferences, as well as their existing aptitudes and skills. It’s like an X-ray for individual learning behavior. But that’s not all. AI-based LMS software can see through anything.
Empowered with super-advanced analytics, online educators can now closely monitor their courses, track student progress, and pinpoint obstacles that contribute to knowledge gaps. This is important for the improvement of any learning environment. Thanks to AI, eLearning courses are becoming more effective than before – key insights on learners’ performance allow better knowledge retention, and so does course analysis itself. 

The Age of Personalized Learning is Here

 The more insight AI helps us gather, the more we realize that the traditional one-size-fits-all teaching model doesn’t suffice in today’s democratic learning environment. What we need is a personalized approach to all learners. The age of diversity is upon us – it’s not only that modern-day students learn at a

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