I believe public speaking fear can hold us back in business.  
It’s often how someone presents themselves that prompts an audience to take action or not. It’s often how someone pitches a business that prompts a client to buy or not.
Building trust and connecting with other people is important for progression. When we connect with others and we’re trusted we’ve got more chance of getting the job, of being heard in a presentation, of winning the pitch, of being visible in a meeting.
People often trust others who are natural, relaxed and authentic.  When we get an idea of the real person behind the content we connect to the content.
The problem is that when you are faced with a sea of eyes looking at you and hanging on to each word you say, you might find it difficult to be natural, relaxed and authentic. You might feel scared. Your body language and voice could reveal a lack of confidence, a lack of credibility and give people completely the wrong impression of you.  Consequently you could miss out on opportunities.
We are human beings made up of vulnerabilities and there’s nothing wrong with being scared of presenting. I used to be and I know how it feels. There’s nothing wrong with fear. In fact it’s useful. However learning how to manage this fear can make a big difference to your outcomes.
I believe learning how to speak in public helps to define us, helps other people to understand our viewpoints, to hear us and see who we are.  If we avoid this, we are always open to other people’s assumptions and misinterpretations.
A presentation is an opportunity for you.
Sometimes we just need a little help and I’ll share with you my three favourite tips
1- CONVERSATIONAL: Keep it conversational.  Imagine you’re talking to a friend. Remember

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