From greater automation to seamless connectivity, the 5G rollout is being heralded as the game changer that will make truly connected workspaces and workforces a reality and unlock the potential of emerging technologies. It’s the network that will give businesses an opportunity to transform the user experience for both staff and customers. While the possibilities created are attractive, businesses should consider carefully how and why they want to use this technology.
Harnessing the power of 5G
5G has the potential to transform digital experience across multiple sectors, from providing the foundation for a robust IT infrastructure in the NHS that enables the crucial work of frontline, critical services to ensuring retailers meet the always-on demands of their customers.
5G promises to be up to 30 times faster than current network infrastructure and will allow for seemingly instantaneous two-way data transfer. This will unlock the potential for data to drive more efficient management of assets, resources and services and for advanced application-based solutions that once seemed out of reach to soon become a reality.
The potential of 5G to improve end-user experience
The 5G network will enable connectivity beyond the capability of its predecessors, releasing the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). It will advance mobile from a technology that connects people-to-people and people-to-information, to a central and unified process that connects everything to everything (X2X).
This potential for hyper-connectivity makes 5G probably the most transformational network since the internet developed. It will be the critical enabler of the smart city and requires a new level of intelligence delivered to the network edge: doctors will receive secure, live updates on patient wellbeing; connected autonomous vehicles (CAVs) will seamlessly navigate a city’s roads and multi-location businesses will have access to central and reliable monitoring systems that will drive productivity across their estate.
As well as enabling the

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