Technology continues to transform today’s classrooms. And teaching methods have changed to fit the expectations, learning styles, and interests of students. Today, blended learning is fast becoming a preferred teaching strategy for all grade levels. It’s popular because it effectively combines the benefits of traditional instruction with online learning.
Blended learning has many benefits, whether it’s cutting overhead costs or using online examine practice to lower test anxiety. Here are six reasons you need to implement blended learning into your classroom.    
1. Studies Show Students Learn Better
A recent study from the University of Iowa found evidence that blended learning was more effective for undergraduates than classroom lecture or online learning alone. Associate professor Jennifer Rogers explained the results: more than 95% of students enrolled in the blended course section earned a grade of C- or more compared to 82% in the lecture classroom sections and 81% enrolled online only.   
The big takeaway from the Iowa study is that blended learning facilitates the flow of information between students and instructors. Classroom lecture and online learning, Rodgers explained, are unidirectional: Information typically flows one way. In contrast, blended learning offers more bidirectional information flow, “fostering conversations not only between the instructor and students but among the students themselves.”
2. It Promotes Student Ownership of Learning
By shifting some learning responsibilities away from the teacher, blended learning promotes student autonomy and ownership of learning. Through remote eLearning, students are trained to set and manage their own learning goals. Also, blended learning promotes this academic responsibility while keeping the supervision needed for support.
Because blended learning uses online apps and programs to teach concepts, students can learn at their own pace. It also lets students work at their current level of understanding. Slower learning students can repeat and review exercises as many times as needed. Faster learners can

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