Emails to potential or past customers can be a crucial way to generate interest and revenue. When done correctly it can be a form of passive marketing which can generate large numbers of clicks on your eCommerce site. When a future customer signs up to a mailing list they are volunteering to receive tailored advertising for your site directly, alongside their other emails. When an eCommerce company can earn that position it can be an incredible opportunity to turn the potential in that customer into real results. For most online companies, some sort of emailing list is crucial to success in as busy a marketplace as the internet.
With that being said, here are 7 ways to help you grow your emailing list and, in turn, grow your business!
1. Hide Certain Content
Probably the most effective way of snaring those potential customers is by withholding website content until they have entered their email details and accepted that marketing emails might come their way. The ‘unknown’ is an incredibly powerful motivator on the internet and withholding entry to your site, or access to information on new deals without agreeing to be on the email list is an amazing way of capitalising on that fact. It also plays on the short-term interest and impulse of most internet users. For them, eager to access what they want to access, their threshold for allowing an eCommerce site to email them is lowered impulsively opening the door to future marketing materials. Furthermore, this method forces the potential customer to knowingly agree to the marketing which is psychologically advantageous and more likely to produce a long-term customer.
2. Advertise Your Site Through Facebook
Facebook Adverts have become a huge resource for eCommerce stores, offering very specifically tailored advertising options to companies with really any budget. If you post a Facebook

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