Have you always wanted to start a blog either for business or personal reasons? It can be intimidating, right? However, with the right knowledge, starting a blog will be a piece of cake for you. Here is a step-by-step guide:
Get a domain name and hosting
For starters, you’ll need hosting and a domain name. But why would you do that? You can have a free blog on WordPress.com, right?
Well, yes.
But, if you truly want to be seen as a professional, you need your own corner of the internet where all of the content belongs to you and you can control it. On WordPress.com, that is not the case.
So, if you want a good start, you have to invest some money.
This is where BlueHost steps in. Most people start there – it’s cheap, simple and partnered with WordPress. You can get it for even less money through various bloggers partnered with them. This may not be the top quality option you are looking for but it will do in the beginning. You can switch it later, once you start earning money on your blog.
You will have to choose a domain name – choose wisely. To change it, you’ll have to pay more money so be careful. If some of your first options are taken, try using something either shorter or similar to that. Remember, your domain name is going to appear in your URL and everywhere connected to your blog. It needs to be memorable and it needs to look good and professional.
Don’t choose a domain name that’s too long – the shorter is better in this case. They will give you a temporary domain – don’t get confused by that. Once you launch your site, it will change into your chosen domain name.
“Some may get confused with Bluehost, especially if they

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