The Java programming language has kept its popularity for its versatile nature. As discussed in our previous post, Java is a powerful, type-safe language used in many fields, including general software development, large complex enterprise systems, mobile development, and IoT devices.
The Demand for Java Programming Skills
To help understand the technical skill demand for a given technology, we’ve developed Cloud Catalog™, a data analysis tool based on over 3,000 U.S. job postings. Based on Cloud Academy’s Cloud Catalog, we know Java is a technology that is in high demand across several job roles, including Full Stack Engineers, Cloud Architects, and DevOps Engineers (see below).

That’s why we’ve developed a new Learning Path to deepen and expand your team’s knowledge of the Java programming language and framework: Advanced Java Programming Learning Path.
The Learning Path provides a deep dive into Generics, Type Inference, Lambda Expressions, and Functional Interface development. It’s your one-stop guide to mastering recent Java platform updates, and it contains detailed explanations of the latest programming advancements and language features introduced from Java 9 onwards. This advanced Learning Path consists of a blend of Instructional Video Courses, Hands-on Labs, and a final Exam.
In the Hands-on Labs, you will be challenged to put into practice concepts that you learned, such as basic functional programming, how to write a Lambda expression, when to use functional interfaces, and how to implement Generics with Java.  These Labs are live cloud environments that take place in a secure, sandboxed environment to build and validate your team’s Java experience. You’ll be presented with different Java coding challenges where you’ll need to develop code and compile various applications to complete the given challenge. By doing so, you will gain valuable experience and build confidence in writing robust, performant, scalable, and enterprise-ready applications.
The final Exam will allow

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