Year after year, technology and security professionals flock to the RSA Conference in San Francisco. It is the annual opportunity for security professionals to tackle the biggest issues and trends impacting the industry. From talking to customers about 5G and what that means for security strategies to listening to brands, such as Uber discuss the future of data protection, here are the five key trends which underpinned this year’s event.
1. It’s all about trust
Rohit Ghai, president of RSA, spoke about the future of trust and remarked: “Trust is to the economy, what water is to life”. A powerful statement but one that set the tone for the conference.
Large scale breaches are gradually chipping away at consumer trust and businesses need to quickly make changes to navigate the complex nature of getting data privacy and security right.
This is something Uber knows better than most, experiencing a breach of 57 million users’ data in recent years. Uber’s CPO, Ruby Zefo, joined a panel on the future of data protection, exploring the importance of protecting PII and defining the difference between who owns and controls data in a bid to show the company is making changes.
Uber is not the only business that knows the cost of losing customer confidence and trust – and so speakers around the conference were quick to press how they were putting the right security and privacy procedures in place.
 2. AI needs humans to solve problems
 According to Cybersecurity Ventures, the cost of cybercrime is predicted to be $6 trillion a year by 2021. This is a huge business and hackers are constantly looking for, and finding, new ways to make money.
To counter this, businesses are investing in technologies which strengthen their defences, but this can also fuel attacks.
It’s a topic that Steve Grobman, Senior VP and CTO of

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