IoT is a giant network connected of things formerly called machine to machine is no longer a nascent dream. The data is very crucial for any organization to drill down and generate actionable insights. The increasing flow of data from both humans and IoT devices will continue to grow as it is the key to business success in the digital age. Thinking to start a business or considering to add IoT applications to your current business or just for knowledge, it is important to know some of the key trends that will shape IoT and AI for business growth.
Reason #1: Progressive Output
Major companies have started to integrate their services with artificial intelligence and achieved greater success over the past years. The reason behind it is the quick ability of AI to quickly fetch the insights from the data. IoT platform software provides machine learning based analytics – a part of AI to identify patterns and figure out anomalies from the generated data by smart sensors and devices.
Reason #2: Real-time Response
The data collected by the image sensors through various devices are used to recognize who is the person in the image to define unique attributes in the image. The analytics derived from remote video cameras that identify characters on license plates or analyze the face using face recognition can be used to understand patterns over time and decide future action.
Reason #3: Increased Market Size
AI is a fundamental component which is required to make sense of the vast amount of data collected these days to increase the business value. AI integrated IoT services provide data preparation, data discovery, visualizing streamlined data, the accuracy of data, predictive and advanced analytics as well as real-time geospatial and location logistic data.
Businesses are more capitalizing on the AI-IoT convergence. The fusion of AI-driven IoT is empowering

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