Cognitive computing is leading society on a pathway that is genuinely set to revolutionise how we live, work and behave. Previously, new ways of communicating online were big business, now Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning take centre stage. These technologies are driving unprecedented developments in medicine, education and finance, as well as relieving us from a wide range of everyday tasks.
AI is heralding the fourth industrial revolution and will quickly become indispensable. The opportunity is there for businesses to embrace, but with this comes a warning: if you aren’t taking advantage of AI now, your competitors are. It’s a case of being a disrupter, not disrupted. So, how can you realise the benefits of intelligent technologies today?
Know what questions to ask
The nature of business is to look forward; at new technology, new products to launch and new customers to win. But to take that step forward with confidence, an organisation must agree on the business insights that will bring the biggest competitive edge. Even with AI, asking the wrong question will always give the wrong answer, while asking the right questions of your data will deliver meaningful results.
Think about the business issue that is keeping you up at night, or what you’re most worried your boss will ask you. Imagine how solving that problem will make a difference. Perhaps it will help your company grow or maybe it will save time and money. Harnessing AI may accelerate innovation, or it may help to protect your company and your customers. Cognitive computing consultants can help you identify these critical issues so that you can take the next step in solving them.
Undertake an audit/inventory of your data
Once you know which questions you want to ask, the next step is to audit your corporate data to find the information that might hold

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