Walking past a traditional sweet shop in Las Vegas during AWS Re: Invent in November made me reflect on how many organisations still feel the urge to fill their stomachs with the digital equivalent of pick & mix during cloud adoption.
Faced with a tempting array of services from cloud providers, it is simply too easy to binge and add them all to a design proposal just because they are available. It’s like filling one of those cinema pick and mix bags to the brim even though you won’t manage to eat all the sweets – and ignoring the damage done to your bank balance and your teeth.
The start of a new year, when many of us are trying to adopt a healthier approach to lifestyle and diet, seems a fitting time to propose a more restrained approach to cloud adoption too. One that doesn’t splurge money on unnecessary cloud services and that has your organisation limbering up for a cloud transformation journey in peak physical health.
Here are my tips for resisting the lure of the sweet shop in the clouds and preparing the ground for a smooth cloud adoption programme:

Start by creating a technology reference architecture that will keep everyone on task. This is a relatively straightforward activity. Simply list all of your cloud provider’s available services and decide which ones are approved for usage, which ones are contained, and which ones you will leave for future discussions.
Plan ahead by having a full and frank discussion with everyone involved to agree on who will do what and secure buy-in. All teams need to adapt for the cloud, and spending time on this (as described in the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework, People Perspective) is essential to a smooth transition.
Nominate a subject matter expert as the lead/go-to person for each service area. As the list

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