Consumers care. They’re loyal. They expect a lot from their favourite brands. These things ring true not only for the product or the service that they’re buying, but also across every brand touchpoint – from the moment they see an advert online all the way to the moment at which they complete the purchase. This is why the advert itself is so crucial to the equation – a loyal consumer will want to see content that excites them, piques their interest and captures exactly why they fell in love with the brand in the first place.
Yet through a cloud of data and layers of technology, the ability to deliver creative and engaging online content is becoming increasingly difficult for marketers globally. But as we take our first steps into 2019, we must commit to changing this status quo. With AI-powered adtech solutions only growing in sophistication, marketers must look to the tech for the powerful data insights that they need to produce truly creative advertising and keep their loyal customers just that: loyal.
Data killed the creative star…or did it?
 Alarmingly, in a study of more than 500 brand marketers from across the US and Europe, 67% of people pointed to the growth in digital advertising as a key reason for the waning creativity from brands and agencies. And this makes sense. As marketers have struggled to come to terms with the rising complexity of the digital landscape, the need to place an ad in front of the right person, at the right time and in the right place has outweighed the need (and the budget) for the content that they’re actually delivering. In fact, 71% of marketers said they find it difficult to achieve ad reach in the face of fragmenting audiences. And with 62% of marketers stating they feel the

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