A recent patent application from Apple has revealed their plans to create an augmented reality windshield capable of using FaceTime. The prospective invention is known as a Heads-Up Display. Apple has detailed this product and described how it will enable “visual communication between an occupant of the vehicle and a remotely located user including an occupant of a separate vehicle.”
According to the patent, the Heads-Up Display will also assist the driver by showing them the speed they are driving as well as the speed limit so that they can make appropriate adjustments and abide by the law. Another feature detailed in the patent is the ‘Panicky Occupant Detection’ whereby drivers’ eye movements, posture and temperature are monitored by cameras and sensors to determine their anxiety levels. The windscreen would then adjust accordingly, changing the graphics displayed to suit the driver and their psychological state.
Apple’s interest in vehicular technology is nothing new. Apple CarPlay is a system they released in 2014 which enables drivers and passengers to connect their phone via USB or Bluetooth to their vehicle and view their iPhone’s content from the car’s infotainment screen. CarPlay can be used to navigate you, make calls, play music, and even send text messages using voice commands directed at Siri. All of these tasks can be carried out without the driver removing their hands from the steering wheel.
The Heads-Up Display offers navigation, but far beyond that of a standard sat-nav. The windscreen will have an overlay of directions showing drivers exactly when/where to go instead of them having to look down at a phone or small sat-nav device. Apple did not invent the concept of AR windscreens, but the addition of FaceTime is undoubtedly unique. Jaguar, for instance, revealed in 2014 its “360-degree Virtual Urban Windscreen,” for Land Rover. Director

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