5G will bring a massive change to cloud computing. Much of the discussion at the Mobile World Congress, organized in February, was about the upcoming fifth generation (5G) technology. 5G is expected to revolutionise the network and communications industry by providing ultra-fast transmission rates that can be as much as 100 times faster than the existing 4G. 
The first commercial 5G smartphones are already set to roll out by the first half of this year. A recent Ericsson Mobility report predicts that, by 2023, there will be 1 billion 5G subscriptions, accounting for nearly 20% of the entire mobile data traffic.
A number of industries will benefit from what 5G has to offer. From the healthcare industry to the automotive industry, from smart homes to smart cities and beyond, 5G’s features change the landscape, allowing for several applications that 4G just couldn’t handle.
With the increase in potential industries, both tech- and non-tech related, there will be an increased need for cloud services. For example, wearable devices that lack enough internal storage, usually relying on synced larger devices such as smartphones, will be able to function independently with the aid of the cloud via 5G’s low to zero latency.
The communication potential opens doors to several avenues for businesses. For example, IBM and Vodafone recently inked a B2B (Business-to-Business) deal aimed at cloud hosting, along with another part providing solutions in a number of areas including IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and other 5G-beneficial applications.
In essence, for cloud dependent industries and cloud industries themselves, 5G is a welcome force. The fifth generation technology will accelerate cloud business investment through its widespread application to a number of innovations.
Impact of 5G on other technology innovations
The combination of 5G and cloud technologies will enrich the capacity, functionality, and flexibility of a number of industries, especially for cloud businesses themselves. This

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