More and more businesses are realising the power of AI and how much it can impact the success of their business. But something that many may not have considered is how it can be used to impact the experience that employees have whilst at work, and how it can measure company culture. The capabilities of AI are advancing every day and crossing into every aspect of business, so it makes sense to get your company on board and harnessing its power before your competitors do!
Alex Tebbs, co-founder of unified communications company VIA, shares his insights on a few ways that businesses can use AI to improve the employee experience.
Revolutionise your recruitment drive
Utilising AI-powered assistants in your hiring process can significantly improve the experience that potential job candidates have in the application process. AI can support in the initial stages of hiring by responding promptly to applicants, keeping them informed of any updates to boost their engagement throughout the process. Artificial intelligence has an edge over humans here, as it can use its technology to determine when is the best time to reach out to different candidates, as well as the language and tone to use.
This also helps to cut down the amount of time your current employees need to spend on recruitment, giving them more time to spend on their primary job role. Rather than spending time sending emails and doing hiring admin, instead your manager can dedicate more time to that big project they’re working on. In this way, AI assistants benefit not only your potential future employees, but they also reduce the number of additional duties your current team members would need to take on.
Supercharge your training programs
AI can also be used to revolutionise your training processes. Rather than handing out the same introductory binder to each new

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