So, you want to attend a coding boot camp. You’ve decided on your top choice. You’re ready to start the application process.
But then you look at the admission rates and your stomach churns.
You had no idea how competitive coding boot camps are. Admission rates are as low as ivy-league schools. Hackbright Academy, for instance, has a 5% admissions rate. And it’s not an exception. Hack Reactor, Codesmith, and other top-notch coding boot camps accept less than 10%.
You start thinking you’ll never get accepted. Your hopes of attending your first-choice boot camp fade.
Don’t lose hope.
You can start by taking some critical steps to get into your first pick. This post will walk you through the crucial steps to put you in the best position. You’ll see each stage of the application process, from pre-interview to the final decision. Follow the steps to set your application high above the rest.
What a Boot Camp Recruiter Looks For
Let’s start with the basics. You’ll need to figure out some background information on the boot camp you’re applying to. The top-ranked boot camps are transparent, and a simple Google search works wonders. Research shows that coding boot camps look at two main areas of an applicant: Your soft and your hard skills.
Hard skills refer to your technical aptitude. Are you technically gifted in programming languages or do you at least have excellent computer skills? You might think having hard skills isn’t necessary. After all, you’re attending the boot camp to learn them. But most recruiters say they look at whether applicants have some degree of basic knowledge.
Assess your current technical aptitude. Are you starting from scratch? Have you learned some basic coding concepts? If not, ask yourself why. Recruiters don’t want applicants who say “I’m here to serve myself.”
It’s better to try to learn some basics

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