Digital technologies are transforming every aspect of our lives and human experiences. Innovation is booming and businesses are moving faster than ever trying to keep up with customer and employee expectations.
Technology has empowered customers as never before. They are now dictating the rules of purchasing and expect from all players the same level of efficiency, performance, personalisation and convenience as from industry leaders such as Google and Amazon.
If a company fails to deliver on these expectations, customers simply walk away.
Customer experiences
According to a recent study by Gartner, when making a purchase 64% of people find customer experience more important than price. At the same time, research conducted by American Express reveals that millennials are willing to spend up to 21% more to get great customer service.
Furthermore, a report released by Accenture shows that companies that get customer experience right outperform their competitors and generate higher revenues by 11%.
Under these circumstances, organisations have no choice but to make CX a critical business priority and invest significant resources in order to deliver on customers’ expectations and demands.
As a result, a significant number of companies rushed to acquire the latest technology and tools that promised to deliver best in class customer experience. However, many now realise that they can’t offer stellar customer experience without also considering the employee experience.
Employee experiences
The old adage, happy employees make happy customers has never been more relevant than in today’s ultra competitive business landscape where even a small mistake can derail a company’s progression and growth.
Many businesses currently operate in sectors where attracting and retaining talent is increasingly challenging. Offering superior employee experience is a significant competitive advantage that many companies are trying to use nowadays in order to increase staff loyalty and engagement.
In order to provide high quality customer,

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