Creating Custom Exams is Now Easier Than Ever |
Launching an enterprise certification program specific to your organization is effective and easy. Cloud Academy Content Engine™ allows you to address organizational skill gaps by creating custom Exams. With 16,000+ pre-built questions, you can quickly create a custom Exam by selecting existing questions or adding your own multiple-choice questions with explanations.
Today, we are excited to announce the release of our newly redesigned user interface (UI) which makes it even easier to create custom Exams.
The new UI features include:

Simpler, cleaner design
More detailed instructions
Easier configurations
A new filter to easily find the questions you’re looking for

Take a look for yourself.

Assigning Multiple Assessments Is Now Possible
Organizations need to understand skill sets — by team, by job function, and overall — in real time. With Cloud Academy Assessment Cycles, you can easily assign Exams across teams with a due date. The real-time results are powerful. The leading enterprise organizations are using them to confidently onboard staff, identify subject matter experts, and define the next strategic phase of skill development.
So today, we are also excited to announce our newly re-designed Assessments UI, which makes it possible to assign multiple assessments to your teams. Simply go to the Assessments tab, create a new Assessment Cycle, and select multiple Exams or Labs, and then assign to your teams.

Current customers and partners can start using the new Exams and Assessments UI immediately from the Cloud Academy platform. If you have questions, contact your customer success manager.
If you are not yet a Cloud Academy customer, see what you can customize for your team by using our Content Engine, or browse our Training Library. Our platform helps businesses develop the critical thinking skills and common language required to select and deploy technology, optimize decision making, and improve business outcomes.

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