Put Those Ubiquitous Smartphones to Use for Learning (or Try Some Inexpensive Disposable Cameras for Younger Students)
Photography is a great subject to teach. It is a fantastic skill for children of all ages to learn. Teaching photography can have many benefits. It can help boost a student’s creativity and imagination. Moreover, it can also give them focus and help improve their concentration. Finally, it is a valuable skill that they can use in later life.
Creative educators can also look for ways to tie photography into different subject areas – think about it, science, geography, math, languages – these are all around us!
This can be a great way to put those ever-present smartphones to good uses to (although that should be limited to students of the right age – for elementary school kids, it would probably be better to use inexpensive disposable cameras).
Knowing how to teach photography can be tricky, however. You must try and be creative and develop interesting classes that your students will enjoy. Continually creating new projects and class ideas can be difficult! Fear not, we can help! In the below sections, we have listed 8 awesome photography projects for school students.
Class Photo Walks
What could be better than heading out into the great outdoors and exploring with your class? A class photo walk provides many benefits. First and foremost, students can actively use their cameras in a myriad of different situations. You could walk through a forest, into your local town, or other points of interest for example. Whilst there, you can encourage them to look for unique compositions and try out different camera settings.
Secondly, it is a great way to keep your students active and encourage them to partake in a little exercise. We understand how difficult it can be for children to stay active

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