Some reports claim this a growing trend. It is a controversial concept. But if families are going to do it, they need to try and do it well! These tips can help. – KW
For many families, life on the road is a bucket-list wish. Being able to live out of an RV and travel the country is their dream. Making this dream come true requires a few lifestyle changes, including downsizing possessions, being comfortable living nomadically, and setting up a homeschool education for your children. Homeschooling on the road, or “roadschooling,” is an excellent option for families with the travel bug.
To become a traveling homeschooler, you’ll first have to look into your state’s educational laws. Homeschooling is regulated at the state level, so you’ll need to establish a “home state,” even while you’re bouncing across the country. If you’ve been homeschooling your children, then you should already be familiar with your state’s requirements, and in that case, good to go. There are plenty of online resources to help you determine which state, based on homeschooling requirements, works best for your family.
Once you have that nailed down, homeschooling from your RV, or anywhere else you choose, is all about how you make it. However, if you want to make schooling on the road easier on yourself and your family, follow these tips.
Find a Curriculum that Will Work for Your Family
Families have a huge variety of options when it comes to programs and curriculum. For the most part, online charter schools will have the most suitable and effective choices for families on the road.
Many of the courses your children take will be dictated by state standards and requirements; however, there are resources and supplements that can help you personalize their learning. When you’re deciding on courses or programs, make sure you take

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