Rejoice, children of the cloud, for the long awaited day is finally upon us: since it’s first mention over two decades ago, and being popularised by Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud offering in 2006, cloud adoption and spending has surpassed on-premise IT among businesses.
So says The Cloud Industry Forum, which has been monitoring cloud adoption among UK businesses year-on-year since 2011. Seven years later, cloud usage has infiltrated almost every organisation in one form or another, bringing with it improved flexibility, agility, mobility and cost effectiveness.
According to its findings, The Cloud Industry Forum revealed that almost nine in ten (89%) businesses are fully immersed in one cloud-based service or another, with adoption levels continuing to rise. For the first time in the cloud’s history, cloud infrastructure receives almost a fifth of businesses total IT budgets (19%) and surpasses on-premise and legacy spenditure (18%). This margin will only widen, as businesses plan to reduce their current on-premise spending by a third (down to just 12%) in the next three years.
If that weren’t enough, the cloud is also the key enabler of a new revolution, acting as the backbone of artificial intelligence (AI), big data, blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning, to name a few. Each of these technologies is already revolutionising a host of industries – all thanks to the cloud. Coupled with the belief from 82% of businesses that the cloud will become their chief enabler, a future centred around cloud-based applications seems a given.
So, the naysayers have been converted, the cloud has been universally adopted and long time cloud campaigners can reap the rewards and breathe a collective sigh of accomplishment as they witness the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution, right?
If only it were that simple.
Half the Battle
With cloud migration at an all time high, so

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