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This week in the wrap … a look at how social media is increasing anxiety and depression in our kids, especially teenage girls (more on this to follow in a post this week), another college putting off payment until students are gainfully employed, Minnesota State University holds a much needed workforce conversation, Matthew Lynch writes about the future of education should be about meeting the needs of ALL students, and more to explore!
This college is free unless graduates earn $60K a year

This college is free unless graduates earn $60K a year

This is a serious problem, especially for teenage girls: Joe Rogan & Jonathan Haidt – Social Media is Giving Kids Anxiety

The Kids Are Right: School Is Boring
Yes, yes, yes: Universities, business must collaborate on workforce needs
The Future Of Learning: Meeting The Needs Of All Learner

The Future of Learning: Meeting the Needs of All Learners

TSTC agricultural program introduces drone technology

Kids Are Inundated With New Digital Technologies — How Does That Affect Learning?
UK Department for Education plans to assess and “quality-mark” smartphone and tablet education apps for younger pupils

DfE to test and ‘quality-mark’ education apps

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