Software like artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) are often viewed to be technology of the future, however, there are ways these types of futuristic advancements are used today. In big corporations, technology like AI or cloud computing systems are used on a regular basis to store information and make inferences from said data. Today technology like this is also making its way into the medical field, and many physicians are either currently using, or looking into ways software can be used to change the way healthcare is provided.
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI) is an up-and-coming technology that is widely used in businesses. This technology has the ability to take the information it is presented and learn from it in order to produce an answer or outcome. Software developers will take information, translate that information into a mathematical equation, and input it into the AI system allowing the machine to learn through algorithms. Once it has the information it needs, it is able to make connections by vetting the information against each other. From there, it is capable of learning new information and creating new algorithms to learn and store.
This type of technology is most commonly used by businesses to create insights that drive business decisions. AI can be used to create insights for marketing campaigns or perhaps for financial investments, however, this technology has the opportunity to be used for medical discoveries.
The use of AI in medicine has been tested by many different groups, however, developers from New York’s University’s School of Medicine along with help from Google were able to train AI software to detect cancer. The software, Inception-v3, was trained with data from the Cancer Genome Atlas that were uploaded into the system. Once up and running, the technology was able to detect 6 different cell

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