The internet of things – or IoT to the majority of us – has been a buzzword for some time now. And like AR and VR, the term is thrown around by large corporates and start-ups, all angling to get a head start on the next big thing. Until now, that’s all it’s really been – buzz. But things are about to change. Like most mainstream technology, it’s rarely a single product that makes a market ‘go’ but a combination of factors all coming into existence at the same time. IoT is no different. Here are the factors that I believe will provide IoT with what it needs to finally take off and change how we live, work and play.
A real reason to be
At the heart of any successful innovation must be a real genuine reason to be. IoT isn’t about connecting things to the internet and making them smart – we’ve been doing that for years. Remember smart fridges? How many people actually have a fridge that shops for them? 
Innovation is about the invisible potential in the things we overlook that connect us with one another, and with ourselves. IoT isn’t just about more tech – it’s about making things invisible, making annoyances go away and optimizing every-day life.
Once we get past the first wave of mind-boggling smart gadgets – from home appliances that sing, to underwear that will know when it needs a wash – we will start to get into the really interesting stuff. Genuine breakthrough platforms that combine AI to join up the dots and create a network effect, where the combination of products working in harmony with users will create new experiences. At the heart of IoT adoption will be people like me and you, wanting and demanding better.
A new network
5G technology marks the beginning

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