Investment is something most of us know about. While the majority of the population rely on the bank for either taking loans or indulging into investment, a new term is seen buzzing across the globe. Fintech Apps or Peer to peer lending is what we will debate about in this article.
Currently, in it’s growing phase, P2P lending or crowdfunding has exposed a whole new set of investment opportunity for all the stakeholders. P2P lending is trending and the next-gen investors are now seen shifting from the traditional means of business to the explicable P2P lending apps for providing loans. No doubt, cutting banks and inducing a new platform voices innovation. But, how would this turn up in near future would be worth enticing?
Given the growth of market trends and high paced investment in the field of Fintech Innovation, it is imperative to keep an on what this industry has in store and how would the same help redefine the industrial world.
Before we move on to the specs of Fintech apps and the future prospects of Peer to peer lending market, let’s have a look at what do we mean when we say the term p2p lending.
P2P Lending – Unboxing Opportunities

While you must undoubtedly have an idea about what lending notifies, P2P lending or peer to peer lending is a deal made between two interested parties. One being the borrower and the other an investor. A borrower is expected to register himself on the peer to peer lending app, verify it’s credentialing and then put a loan request stating in details the reasons why an investor should consider him.
Investors, on the other hand, scroll down all the loan listing and stop by the one that pleases them the most. While the loan amount varies from person to person and depending on

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