The Internet is vast and yet still expanding. One of the most profiting expansions that it is making is in the Internet of Things (IoT); an approximately $200 billion industry worldwide. According to Statista, this figure is expected to get to $520 billion in the next couple of years. Today we are here to familiarize you with some of the top IoT trends in 2019 that will be responsible for the rise of this entity.
The year 2019 is going to be a huge one for IoT based innovations and numerous industries like healthcare, smart cities, automotive, home and office automation, usage-based insurance and asset management will benefit from these IoT trends of 2019. So a significant chunk of IoT application development will be revolutionized and upgraded for good.
IoT Trends to Watch for in 2019
IoT has come a long way since its inception, and the below mentioned IoT trends of 2019 are clear proof to that. So without wasting any further time; I present the top IoT trends in IoT:
Fragmentation in IoT
Just as we witnessed with Android OS, as the OS grew, it became more fragmented, and a significant number of versions are active in the market. Hence, the Android developers have to take care of all the fragments of OS version while making even the slightest of an upgrade to an app. IoT devices and software face the same situation. The fragmentation will create some hurdles for many companies, as they deal with compatibility issues throughout their industries.
Fragmentation is a widespread issue for any software-based innovation that is used worldwide by millions or billions of people. The only accurate solution for this is to introduce effective standards and certifications for IoT hardware and software development. Qualcomm is trying to lead the standardization race and solve the fragmentation problem as soon

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