“Software-defined” famously made networking sexy, and network efficiency is the New Black. But is anybody wearing it? – If you want to cut through hype and rumour to find out what is really happening, you ask the people at the coal face. That is just what the latest Futuriom report – Untold Secrets of the Efficient Data Center – sponsored by Mellanox Technologies, has done. Over 200 director level or higher data centre professionals were screened by country and company size to dig deeper into actual working practice and the key trends.
“The data centre is being reinvented” according to Scott Raynovich, Chief Analyst, Futuriom. “It’s a real challenge to build a cloud infrastructure that can scale to support demanding applications that can embrace big data, analytics, self-driving cars, and artificial intelligence. The very techniques developed by hyperscale cloud giants are now migrating to the enterprise, where distributed applications now rule. There’s more pressure than ever for networks to perform, and new technologies are beginning to be deployed to make sure that networks don’t become the bottleneck for the cloud. This report provides the most detailed insight into why this matters, and how key players are re-shaping the road map.”
The report summarizes the results of a survey taken in Q1 2019 by Futuriom, and an independent cloud-based data partner. The respondents included 116 from the US, 52 from China, and 50 from the UK – to provide an international overview based on regions where data-centre infrastructure is being deployed aggressively.
By industry, the distribution covered the cloud (49%), telecommunications (26%), and enterprise IT domains (25%). All were screened for IT expertise, with 25% falling into the CxO or SVP category. Roles included: enterprise IT managers (39%), cloud architect/managers (32%), applications development (26%), security (24%), and network manager/architect (22%). The survey was limited to

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