The process between thought and action is not often one we think about, but an intriguing gadget could fast track that process by reading our thoughts and acting on them without us having it. The device has been developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (MIT) by a team of researchers.
Back in April, a promotional video was uploaded to YouTube to demonstrate the possibilities of the device. The video featured MIT research assistant Arnav Kapur walking around the campus with a white piece of plastic attached to the right side of his face. Words appeared on the screen to represent Kapur’s internal thoughts; showing how the device could register and process these thoughts. For example, when Kapur thought, “Time?”, a voice replied, “10:35 a.m”. Kapur originally commenced his time as a researcher at MIT after moving from New Delhi in 2016. He arrived at MIT to build wearable devices that would be able to incorporate technology into our everyday lives (at all hours of the day).
The gadget is known as AlterEgo and is 3D-printed with electromagnetic sensors. The device also connects to Bluetooth to in order to access the internet for data collection. It has allegedly become so effective at reading Kapur’s mind that it is able to place a request for an Uber ride without the need for verbal or typed instruction. He explained that the aim of the product is to get as close to capturing exact thoughts as is possible. It is astounding such a device can obtain thoughts from a person without it being implanted within the brain itself, but eventually Kapur and his fellow researchers plan to make the device entirely unnoticeable.
Understandably, many people will find this merging of human and technology quite alarming, but Kapur embraces this synergy, and has said, “I think

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