Digital innovation is transforming temporary recruitment. But is it driven by artificial intelligence, asks Andrew Johnston at TempRocket?
No matter what sector you look at, it seems it won’t be long before artificial intelligence rides in like a knight in shining armour to transform it. It’s almost like some industries are actually coasting along without innovating because they are simply waiting for the AI panacea. And with the lack of innovation in temporary recruitment, up until this year, you might be forgiven for thinking that the sector was a culprit.
However, digital disruption finally arrived in the sector during 2018 in the form of online temporary recruitment platforms. By bringing a hitherto disparate industry together in one place online, these new disruptors in the recruitment space offer a quicker, more cost-effective and joined up way to find and employ temps.
These platforms are technologically advanced and innovative and look set to transform temporary recruitment for the better, providing a national or even global one-stop shop where hirers can connect directly with contractors and agencies to find the perfect temp cover in minutes. And of course, because they are digital they are available 24/7/365. The best versions of the platform also include a bidding system enabling hirers to get the best deal from agencies. Plus they are completely free to use for hiring businesses.
So has AI struck again? Are these cutting edge recruitment platforms being driven by artificial intelligence?
Well, the answer is not quite so straightforward. Yes, the platforms incorporate AI, but to say they are powered by the technology is taking things too far. These temporary recruitment platforms employ a specific form of AI known as computational intelligence (CI). They use this particular strand of AI to handle assignments autonomously for hirers and in some cases for agencies as well. The more advanced

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