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Automotive Technology

Majik Water: A Magical Solution to Kenya’s Water Crisis

When it comes to the Kenyan water crisis, there is little room for optimism. Almost 19 million Kenyans lack access to clean water. With a total population of 52 million people, roughly 37 percent of Kenyans are sating their thirst with water that is unsuitable for...

Healthcare Technology

Consumer Products

4 futures for urban mobility post-lockdown

This is a follow-up of our previous blog on how urban mobility behavior has changed during lockdown. In this blog, we look at four possible scenarios of the future for urban mobility post-lockdown. Built around actual behavior, our scenarios combine MOTIONTAG’s...

How to keep shoppers in FMCG loyalty card programs in Europe

Love them or hate them, you can’t ignore loyalty cards, but just how widespread is their use across Europe, and what innovations are shaking up the existing schemes? In our whitepaper Keeping Shoppers Loyal – An inventory of FMCG loyalty card programs in Europe, we...

Academic Technoloy

How to Edit Your Videos by Typing in Type Studio

On Friday morning I published a blog post about a new video editing tool called Type Studio. At the end of the blog post I mentioned that I'd be publishing a tutorial video about Type Studio on my...Read the whole entry at »              Related...

Tips to Help Busy Teachers Get and Stay Fit

This article originally appeared on one of my other blogs, December of 2018 I was the biggest I’ve ever been in my life. The nice suits that I’d purchased just a year before...Read the whole entry at »              Related...

Alternative Energy

Nuclear Energy

Biden designates Hanson as the 18th NRC Chairman

NRC Commissioner Christopher T. Hanson participates in the commission briefing on the agency’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo: NRCPresident Biden designated Christopher T. Hanson as the 18th chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission over the weekend....

Notes on fusion

The ST25-HTS tokamak.Governments around the world have been interested in fusion for more than 70 years. Fusion research was largely secret until 1968, when the Soviets unveiled exciting results from their tokamak (a magnetic confinement fusion device with a...

Cloud Storage Technology