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News 2/19/20

Top News China’s COVID-19 containment efforts include requiring online and ...

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Peak season sales 2019: Retail lessons learned

It’s not a surprise – for many retailers, their Christmas season performance is the decisive factor for the entire year’s financial success. This is particularly true for those selling tech and durable goods. While peak season sales embrace Black Friday, Cyber week,...

Smart car technology and the generational divide

With every passing year, smart car technology becomes more of a deal-breaker with consumers. From safety features to voice technology, the options get more compelling – and non-vehicle digital tech keeps elevating car buyers’ expectations. If they can have it at their...

What does the future of Millennials look like?

As the oldest members of this oft-discussed group prepare to turn 40, the future of Millennials will have a significant impact on the global marketplace. Although they haven’t suffered from a lack of media attention in the past decade, Millennials are worth another...

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Convert PDF to Word and More

I don't get nearly as many requests for help with file conversion as I did 5-10 years ago, but I still do get them from time to time. Last week I was asked for help converting a PDF into Word for...Read the whole entry at »              Related...

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The US Army’s Nuclear Power Program in Film

by Will Davis Our ANS Nuclear Cafe Friday Matinee feature this week is a film produced to detail the United States Army’s nuclear power program; it was archived and then put online by the US Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore. Particularly in the decade of the 1950’s...

Fostering diversity and inclusion in ANS

(Reprinted with permission from ANS News, January/February 2020, p. 2) ANS President Marilyn Kray is one of more than 40 men and women who have joined Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy (GCNP), a group that is uniting leaders of nuclear policy organizations who have...

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