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RSNA 2019 AI Round-Up

Shah Islam Hugh Harvey By HUGH HARVEY, MBBS and SHAH ISLAM, MBBS AI in medical imaging entered the consciousness of radiologists just a few years ago, notably peaking in 2016 when Geoffrey Hinton declared radiologists’ time was up, swiftly followed by the first AI...

Consumer Products

What does the future of Millennials look like?

As the oldest members of this oft-discussed group prepare to turn 40, the future of Millennials will have a significant impact on the global marketplace. Although they haven’t suffered from a lack of media attention in the past decade, Millennials are worth another...

4 facts you can’t ignore about Black Friday

Seasonal promotions are one of the core reasons consumers make a purchase. The importance of good deals to consumers can be clearly seen in GfK’s weekly long-term sales trends for Technical Consumer Goods. GfK has found that about a quarter of cumulative global sales...

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Atoms in the Ice

by Will Davis December 5 marks the anniversary of the launch of the first nuclear powered icebreaker, the Lenin, in what at that time was the Soviet Union.  The job that icebreakers perform is among the very most demanding that any type of seagoing vessel endures due...

Einstein, E=mc², and your Starbucks coffee

By Sebastian Ritter On November 21, 1905, exactly 114 year ago, Albert Einstein first published the well-known equation E=mc². You might think of nuclear power when seeing E=mc², but here’s something to think about. What does E=mc² really mean and how does it relate...

Cloud Storage Technology

Emerging Trends in Cloud Technology

While this decade comes to an end, it’s time to look ahead to what’s in store for the future. One area where business leaders are looking for continued development is the cloud. The cloud helps businesses with reducing costs, boosting efficiency, increasing agility,...