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Morning Headlines 3/21/18

VA Open Application Programming Interface Pledge Gains Momentum to Shape a New Direction for Health Care UPMC Chief Innovation Officer Rasu Shrestha, MD, MBA will lead the VA’s API project that was announced at HIMSS18. Intermountain Healthcare employees brace for...

News 3/21/18

Top News Houston-based RCM outsourcer Constellation Healthcare Technologies files Chapter 11 bankruptcy and will sell the business due to the servicing costs of the extensive debt it took on to fund its acquisition strategy. The company says it fired unnamed...

Consumer Products

The case for micro-generations: An Xennial takes on Gen X

I was born in 1981, after the malaise of the 70’s that produced Gen X, but before the tech boom of the early 90’s that shaped Millennials. Marketers would consider me the M-word, but I never really felt all too Millennial. So I finally felt like I had a generational...

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Seeking Justice for E=mc2

By Priyarshini Ghosh In February of 1950, a devoted follower of Albert Einstein wrote him a letter prompted by the death of his son. He questioned Einstein’s belief that physical death cannot be transcended. His grief could only be overcome if Einstein were to endorse...

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