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“Mobilizing a Million Hearts” Through SMART on FHIR

Estimating risks and weighing the benefits of health interventions is a challenge for patients and their providers. Patients may wonder if they should be thinking twice before having that second portion of desert. Doctors may consider recommending a daily aspirin....

Consumer Products

4 futures for urban mobility post-lockdown

This is a follow-up of our previous blog on how urban mobility behavior has changed during lockdown. In this blog, we look at four possible scenarios of the future for urban mobility post-lockdown. Built around actual behavior, our scenarios combine MOTIONTAG’s...

How to keep shoppers in FMCG loyalty card programs in Europe

Love them or hate them, you can’t ignore loyalty cards, but just how widespread is their use across Europe, and what innovations are shaking up the existing schemes? In our whitepaper Keeping Shoppers Loyal – An inventory of FMCG loyalty card programs in Europe, we...

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EPA issues permits for Dewey Burdock project

The Dewey Burdock project area, near Edgemont, S.D., in 2014. Photo: Azarga UraniumThe Environmental Protection Agency has issued its final permits for Canada-based Azarga Uranium’s underground injection control (UIC) activities at the Dewey Burdock in situ recovery...

Giving Tuesday: Bringing nuclear to every classroom

Giving Tuesday is a nationwide day of giving back to the not-for-profit community. For Giving Tuesday, the American Nuclear Society is on a mission–jumpstart funding for a special initiative, Nuclear in Every Classroom. This landmark effort helps ensure nuclear...

Cloud Storage Technology

Cloud Academy’s Black Friday Deals Are Here!

That’s right, our Black Friday deals are on! Now through December 1, get $100 off a 1-year personal plan or $200 off a two-year personal plan. That’s one year for $249 and two years for $399. Here’s the best part: if you take advantage now, these prices will last for...

The Black Friday Early-Bird Deal Starts Now!

How do you cut through a sea of Black Friday offers as the holidays approach? New clothes, new toys, tons of stuff for everyone else. What about stopping before you get carried away? You have a choice here. Why not flip the script and do something to invest in...