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Automotive Technology

Tesla delivers insane number of electric cars in China

Tesla’s sales have surged in China in March helping the automaker achieved its new record delivery results, according to registration numbers. more… The post Tesla delivers insane number of electric cars in China appeared first on Electrek.

Healthcare Technology

Consumer Products

The new EU energy label: How are markets preparing?

The new EU energy label system is hitting the home appliances markets now – changing the scale back to A-G and getting rid of A+(+)(+) ratings. But more importantly, the concept of energy efficiency has a very different position in consumers’ minds in 2021 compared to...

A permanent state of flux: Media, advertising and COVID-19

In September 2020, we brought together nine experts from the fields of media, advertising, research, and data for our fourth annual GfK Roundtable debate. Their mission was to assess the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on media and advertising. With consumers...

5 tips to optimize your advertising ROI

If you know the viewing habits of your consumers, you can achieve higher ROI through advertising. The number of channels has exponentially multiplied and the shrinking budgets in a pandemic environment has put a lot of pressure on brand marketers to maximize ROI. As...

Academic Technoloy

Loom Adds Transcriptions and Captions

Loom is one of my favorite Chrome extensions for making short tutorial videos. In the last year I've made a few tutorials about different ways to use Loom. Some of those include recording videos from your Gmail inbox and making whiteboard videos. Loom recently added...

Alternative Energy

Nuclear Energy

ORNL taps ANS Fellow Icenhour as deputy for operations

IcenhourAlan S. Icenhour, an ANS member since 2002 and a Fellow, has been named deputy for operations at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He succeeds Jeff Smith, who is retiring this spring after serving in the role since UT-Battelle began...

New Mexico sues NRC over used fuel storage site licensing

Holtec’s proposed HI-STORE interim storage facility. Image: HoltecNew Mexico attorney general Hector Balderas has filed suit against the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the United States, seeking to stop Holtec International’s application to build and operate its...

Cloud Storage Technology