Cloud computing and digital marketing
Cloud computing is a technology that serves extensive benefits to businesses. It empowers them to operate more effectively and improve their productivity as well. This is because the tools and applications that are integrated into the cloud can be accessed from anywhere. Essentially, this technology makes data storage and distribution easier. At the same time, it reduces the burden on the IT infrastructure of the business. Moreover, it has the potential to enhance different operations within an enterprise. One of these operations is digital marketing. If you are planning to integrate cloud computing within your digital marketing strategy, you need to understand the benefits of doing so. 
In this article, we’ll explain the top 10 reasons why you should implement cloud computing into digital marketing sooner rather than later. If you’re new to cloud computing technologies, then you’ll want to check out Cloud Academy’s Cloud Computing Fundamentals Training Library. You can learn about general cloud concepts as well as the major cloud platforms. 

10 reasons digital marketing is more successful with cloud computing
1. Easy access to customer data
Promoting products and services online is a major challenge for digital marketers because they cannot come face-to-face with potential buyers. According to experts at Outreach Monks, the best way to drive purchase decisions from the target audience is by knowing them well enough. Customer data can help you understand the needs and expectations of the audience. Keeping track of this vital information through conventional means, such as surveys, involves a lot of work. A cloud data center, on the other hand, eases the storage and access of information for the marketers. They can use it to store customer data and access it anytime and from anywhere, which makes remote work possible. 
2. Availability of powerful analytics tools
Aside from access to useful customer

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