Technology plays an ever-growing role in both our personal and professional lives. This is because it calls for the application of knowledge to coherently organised activities involving machines that are designed to achieve sustainable goals.
Countless extraordinary tech inventions have shaped modern society. We’ve all heard of the light bulb that propelled Thomas Edison to fame and Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone that revolutionised communication. These are just two examples of products, or rather, solutions invented by brilliant minds. Here, we’ve prepared for you our little list of amazing tech inventions you won’t believe actually exist.

Cicret Bracelet
Imagine a wearable device that makes it possible for you to have your own skin as your touchscreen. This handy technology is THE answer to all those questions on quick and simple ways to use smartphones. What do you have? A small bracelet. What does this nifty gadget do? It projects a touchscreen onto your arm and enables you to access all the features of your phone without you actually having to take it out.
The bracelet comes with its own processor and storage features including a USB port. It uses multiple sensors to guide touch interactions between your fingers and the screen so that you can easily control your phone’s applications. Furthermore, this device integrates Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for you to connect to the Internet from your arm. Talk about convenience.
So maybe some of us are not too fond of keys and passwords. Luckily, Everykey is here to save the day. This sleek, secure wristband is essentially a Bluetooth device that uses military-grade security to replace both elements. All you need to do is keep it close to your phone, tablet, laptop, car door, house door, and similar access-controlled devices. Everykey unlocks them when you are nearby, and they lock back down when

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