Taking the Azure AZ-400 exam
I want to tell you how I ate dog food to pass the Microsoft Azure DevOps AZ-400 exam. I’m not talking about wolfing down a punnet of premium beef mince for dogs, but I’m referring to the practice of a company using its own product. (Coincidentally, back in the late 1980s an email titled “Eating our own dog food” was circulated within Microsoft challenging staff to increase the internal usage of the company’s own products.)

My first few assignments at Cloud Academy were putting together a couple of courses for the Azure DevOps Learning Path. Before joining Cloud Academy, I spent most of my professional life as a coder in one form or another, but in no way considered myself a DevOps expert.
I felt like agile was something I used to be, and scrum was something that happened on the rugby field. At the time I was creating the courses, I thought that the AZ 400 exam was probably something I should sit. I booked the test several months in advance to give myself time to prepare as the courses I created were only a small part of the Azure DevOps Learning Path. DevOps covers a wide range of topics, and Azure has a lot of products and services in this area.
Anyhow, life rolls on, and I forgot about the exam and moved on to working in other subject domains. Imagine my surprise when my calendar pops up, telling me the exam is 24 hours away — on a Friday. I’d been nose to the keyboard all week, so my first instinct was just to write off the exam fee and chalk it up to experience. Still not sure why I thought Friday would be a good day to sit a test.
Self-doubt first, then forward progress
Pondering my

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