The other week, our team attended AWS Summit London, the first of several AWS Summits that we’ll sponsor this year. The London event included a day of workshops on Wednesday, followed by a full agenda of open sessions and a keynote from Amazon CTO Dr. Werner Vogels on Thursday.

With AWS re:Invent already open for registration and at least six more summits to go, the event offered a taste of possible announcements this November.

Here are 4 key takeaways from the AWS Summit London: 
Machine Learning Gains Greater Focus
Amazon reaffirmed its commitment to machine learning, declaring an intention to place such tools in the hands of every developer and data scientist. Appropriately, machine learning was also a big focus of Vogels’ Thursday keynote, where he shared how AWS is investing towards these outcomes, especially as organizations integrate data and analytics strategies into their business activities. 

AWS offers a growing number of machine learning services including image and object recognition, text-to-speech and speech-to-text processing, building conversational interfaces, translation, and natural language processing. Many customers are already using these services to build new product features for analytics and customer service. In a press release announcing its “all-in” status with AWS, airline carrier Ryanair said that machine learning is “important to our growth,” and highlighted their use of Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Lex to enhance customer support.
Security Remains an Important Emphasis
With the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in enforcement, Vogels emphasized that “security is everyone’s job.” We couldn’t agree more. 

The CI/CD model of cloud computing means that the old ways of doing security simply won’t work anymore. Security must be integrated into every deployment and at every point of your pipeline, including through automation, compliance, analysis, and visualization tools. The enforcement of GDPR regulations highlights just how far a security mindset must extend in

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