Every eCommerce seller knows that when it comes to selling products online, content really is king. When consumers cannot hold a product in their hands, top-quality content can bridge the gap – through rich information, pictures, videos, and more. Optimizing online content serves manufacturers and retailers alike; but often, we still see product listings that leave shoppers under-informed or simply uninspired.
As someone who has facilitated millions of product listings, I know too well what does and does not speak to consumers. And there are some common characteristics and miscues that tell me immediately when a manufacturer is not leveraging precious content space to maximum advantage. Here are just five clues that you can look for as you shop online – and review your own product listings.
eCommerce seller mistake #1: Sticking to the basics
Today, rich content is the name of the eCommerce game. Rich and A+ content (interactive media, sell-sheets, video demos) empowers brands to deliver compelling shopping experiences across digital touch points – while basic, meat-and-potatoes information puts you at an immediate disadvantage.
eCommerce seller mistake #2: Lack of brand identity
With so many product listings to choose from, consumers need to understand why your brand is special – and your passion should live on your product pages. Putting your company’s story forward can be a strong differentiator, showing that you have a solid history and a reputation for quality. In eCommerce, linking to your website, social media pages, and other resources can help put buyers at ease, improve SEO, and even close the sale.
eCommerce seller mistake #3: Getting by with one image
Life is a 360-degree experience – but some online sellers think their customers should be happy with just one perspective. Check out top sellers on Amazon – you will see that they always provide multiple product images from a variety of

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