BTW – this piece has nothing to do with the remote teaching movement happening as a result of the spreading coronavirus – KW
The Internet age has influenced almost every facet of our daily lives, including education. Over the past decade, online learning has gained significant momentum. As a growing trend, many school districts have begun to offer online school programs as an alternative to the brick-and-mortar classroom. The following reasons are why more and more students are enrolling in online school or participating in virtual learning.
1. Offers Freedom and Flexibility
Online school bodes numerous benefits, and among these are freedom and flexibility. Students who attend online schools are not confined to traditional classroom schedules and school hours. This is beneficial for several reasons. First, parents can choose a daily school routine for their student. Since they would not have to commute to school, students have more time to spend studying, resting, or completing other daily activities.
Many online programs offer student-paced courses. The flexibility of schedules and routines can free up time for students to chase other passions or interests, such as sports, music, and traveling. Aspiring athletes or performers can spend time practicing or auditioning and attend class when their schedule allows.
Students can also work when they feel most productive. If you are not a morning person, you can wait to do schoolwork until you feel like your most productive self. On the other hand, if you are a morning person, you can start the day early, finish class, and move on to other activities in the afternoon. Although this flexible schedule is great for some students, other students still need the structured routine provided by a traditional classroom setting.
2. Fosters Unique Lifelong Skills
Although students acquire valuable skills through all methods of learning, online school can help students develop unique skills

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