We are living in strange and uncertain times and many people are struggling, like the emails that flood our inboxes constantly inform us. As a direct result of the virus, over a third of the world’s population is currently on lockdown in their homes, throwing social and economic systems across the world into dismay.
In unprecedented times we must look to unprecedented solutions. While artificial intelligence (AI) certainly has a fair amount of precedent it has up to this point been a fringe technology regarded with suspicion by the average user. However, with the dire need for fast and efficient data management, there are a number of areas in which AI is proving itself to be a powerful ally in the fight against coronavirus.
Predicting Epidemics
AI systems have already proved themselves to be powerful predictors of outbreaks and health trends. Most notably the AI-powered algorithm Blue Dot sent an alert about an outbreak in Wuhan, China, on December 31st, 2019, over a week before the World Health Organisation and the Center for Disease Control released their announcements. Months after the initial outbreak Blue Dot continues to help healthcare officials keep track of new outbreaks and monitor the spread of coronavirus.
The power to predict outbreaks may seem a little late to those of us already living in locked down cities, but predictive algorithms like Blue Dot could be a vital part of managing the virus over long periods of time. Some are already asking whether, after we manage this outbreak, coronavirus could return with a second wave of infections. Having AI predictors on our sides could help us be more prepared and better mitigate the damage in future outbreaks.
Drug Research and Deployment
Perhaps more pressingly right now, AI can also help with the research, development, and deployment of potentially life-saving drugs. With infections and

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