In recent months the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has spread across the world, dominating the news and having a massive impact on society. One of the biggest changes to many businesses is the sudden shift to remote working. If companies are going to continue to operate then it makes sense for employees who can work remotely to do so and reduce the likelihood of catching and spreading the virus.
However, working from home is very different from working at the office, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. Companies put a lot of effort into thoroughly protecting networks and devices in the office to keep private data secure. Unfortunately, your home network and devices aren’t likely to have the same level of protection, leaving you more vulnerable to a leak or cyberattack.
Here are 8 simple cybersecurity tips to help keep confidential information secure while you are working remotely during the Coronavirus lockdown.
1. Install reliable antivirus software on your devices
Many offices often employ a number of measures designed to protect devices and networks from malware, such as powerful security solutions, restricted access and rules against installing applications on work computers. At home, it is much more difficult to maintain this level of protection which can leave your computer vulnerable to cybercriminals.
It is essential that you install antivirus software on any of your devices that are used to access confidential data from work. This is also a sensible precaution to keep your own personal information safe. If you are hesitant to invest your own money on a security solution, there are a number of free antivirus solutions available that will reduce the risk of getting infected.
2. Encrypt your Wi-Fi router
The best security software won’t help you if cybercriminals can connect to your Wi-Fi or access your router. This would allow them to intercept anything you

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