It’s a typical Monday morning, and I am about to get off the TILO train that takes me to Cloud Academy’s offices in Mendrisio every morning.
It’s 8:36 a.m. sharp (lovely how punctual Swiss trains are), and I am walking to the office to start a new day. 🥳
As I walk towards my desk to plug in my MacBook, I greet the other early morning coworkers who are already in the office and then make my way to our awesome espresso coffee machine to get my first caffeine fix of the day.
Now that the caffeine ☕️  is starting to do its magic, I proceed to open up the WebStorm IDE to spin up my dev environment while I also take a quick look at my Google Calendar to get a feeling of what the day is gonna look like, and finally check the Jira board to see what the current progress of my tasks is.
9.45 a.m. – Time for the daily stand-up!
The engagement squad (my current team 😎) is ready to report the various updates regarding what everybody has been up to since yesterday, and we have a 10/15-minute scrum meeting to discuss our tasks for the day and whether or not we have any particular blockers for the issues we’re currently working on.
10:00 a.m. – Back to work ⚙️
Today I’m working on adding a custom functionality to a React Component that I am currently building (i.e., the Card Certification), which is related to our upcoming User Certifications project (edit: it’s now live! 🥳) that’s going to enable both enterprise customers and individual users to upload their custom certifications to CA’s platform.

I am actually working on including the “add to LinkedIn” functionality so that when users click on the corresponding card button, it will be possible for them to be redirected to the

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