Over the years I’ve used Canva to create everything from simple social media graphics to websites and dozens of things in between including making short video presentations. Today, Canva introduced a new video editor that goes beyond the basics of the previous video creation options available in Canva. Canva’s new video editor includes hundreds of video creation templates designed for school projects. All of the templates can be modified as teachers and students see fit. It’s also possible to simply build a video from scratch without using a template in Canva’s new video editor. The video editor works the same way whether you use a template or build your video from scratch. And just like the other design tools in Canva, the video editor is designed for online collaboration. Key Features of Canva’s New Video EditorThere are a lot of things that you could do with Canva’s new video editor. Here’s a run down of the key features:Online collaboration. Students can invite their classmates to work on a video project remotely. Hundreds of templates designed for school projects. Millions of stock pictures, drawings, and icons. Large library of free music and video clips to include in video projects. Record new video clips within the editor and or import your own video clips into the editor. Videos can be downloaded as MP4 files and or published online via Canva. How it WorksThe basic framework of Canva’s video editor is that you build your video on a frame-by-frame basis much like slideshow presentation. However, each frame can be as short or as long as you want it to be and each frame can be as simple or complex as you make it. Additionally, the finished product doesn’t come across as an audio slideshow the way that videos made with other tools like Animoto or Adobe Spark appear.Within each frame of

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