Dell Technologies Tech World 2021 has been and gone. It showcased Dell’s latest technologies for the next generation of computing, data analytics and artificial intelligence. If you’re a tech enthusiast or want to learn about what the future has in store, this event is perfect. Even though it was online and virtual did not take away from the atmosphere. It was boosted by the performance by Chris Martin which was stunning. I’m so grateful to have been part of it. In this post I want to detail some of my favourite sessions and what I, myself have learnt. I can’t possibly cover it all but I’ll try.

How do you empower your remote workforce?

The first and most important way according to Dell is to Deploy laptops and desktops direct from our factories to your end-users. This is the best way to ensure your users are productive from day one.

Also, Dell has a very interesting program called ‘Dell on Demand’. It’s an all-inclusive service that provides end-to-end workforce solutions and includes everything you need to get started with IT or refresh your existing organization: hardware, software licensing, deployment infrastructure setup. They have got it covered!

Then you must Secure valuable data with built-in protection, and deploy Dell Data Protection.

Monitor your organization’s environment with Insight and gain new insights from the data you have, to make better decisions on how to optimize the performance of mission-critical workloads. Then manage and support devices with minimal IT intervention with Dell Services.

The best way to improve performance at home is a virtual desktop infrastructure. It’s the answer to providing employees with the high-end performance to run compute-hungry applications and providing you with peace of mind knowing your data is secure.

What are the problems with brick and mortar shops?

The main problems that brick and mortar shops have are

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