The conversation around the proactive use of artificial intelligence in the recruiting and hiring process is increasing. Companies have reaped the benefits of AI use in customer acquisition and retention, eCommerce strategy, and sales techniques. Success in these areas has become a gateway for using AI to build powerful internal teams as well.
AI has begun shifting the way hiring and recruiting teams interact with applicants and vice versa. Younger applicants have a unique opportunity to prepare themselves for this transition by leaning on their guidance and career counselors in school.
A career counselor is responsible for helping students navigate any factors that impact their career development. AI’s role in everything from the screening to the interview process is especially important to share with students to ensure they have the best possibility of landing their dream careers.
Here are three things guidance counselors should know about artificial intelligence applications in the hiring and recruiting process to best equip their students to interact with AI systems.
AI Led Interviews are Growing in Popularity
The COVID-19 pandemic prompted all of us to use digital platforms for most things in our daily lives, including job interviews. Companies started using video-interviewing platforms like HireVue to conduct part of, if not the entire interview process for various positions.
The video-interview process is generally as follows:

They go on to the platform
Enable use of their webcam
Record their responses to interview questions on video
Submit those video-recorded answers

The candidate’s answers are recorded and then saved to the platform and sent to the employer. The employer can choose whether they want AI involved in the screening process for these recordings. If they opt for this choice, AI can recommend a candidate based on similarities to current employees, the desired enthusiasm and demeanor of a successful match, or the length of their answers.
The tricky part about these

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