E-commerce is a big platform growing at unprecedented rate worldwide. People of all ages, from different walks of life love to shop from the various e-commerce shops. Shopping online gives more happiness than shopping at physical stores. Why? The answer is simple.
Since there are so many apps and websites that focus on e-commerce, finding anything you want to purchase right away on an e-store is becoming simple. E-commerce development has truly evolved through the years. Furthermore, in the coming years, the growth is predicted to rise like never before with all the current technologies at present. Online shopping rate is rising beyond measure, which drives e-commerce owners frantic in keeping a strong place in the online race.
But since the web is prone to cyber threats, when it comes to security of an e-commerce shop, partnering with an e-commerce development company is the way to go. Before the massive popularity of shopping on the web, the biggest cyber threats to the retail industry is hurled towards physical stores, particularly POS or point-of-sale systems breaches to loot customers’ credit card data.
Today, when setting up an e-commerce shop, it’s critical to hire an e-commerce developer to do the job right when it comes to security. The sophistication and frequency of cyber-attacks skyrocketed recently. Security in e-commerce means the measures practiced to protect a business as well as its customers from cyber-attacks. Some common acronyms and terms you should know:

Personal Data. Referred also as personal information, meaning any data that could be linked back to a certain individual, which include names, phone numbers and email addresses.
The distributed denial of service is an attack that refers to disruption of service, service or network traffic by immensely putting a flood of traffic.
The International Organization for Standard, an international standard-setting body, which makes requirements that

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