Most people would agree that the level of inequality in the workforce is a major injustice. Women make up approximately 43% percent, almost half, of the working population, and yet many are not given positions in management or senior roles. This is particularly true in technology-focused jobs.
Worse, women are often discouraged from going into high-level jobs or starting their own companies. This is mostly due to the prevailing belief that a woman’s place is in the home, that her skills should revolve around cooking and child-care, and that she must serve her husband first. Thankfully, the number of people who hold this belief is constantly decreasing, but vast swathes of society are still feeling the effects of it.
Why We Need More Women In Tech Industries
Studies consistently show that increasing diversity in a workplace can skyrocket the success of a company. This is true for racial diversity as well as gender equality. In 2012, a study found that having females in top management could majorly increase company success, by as much as $42 million in just over 10 years.
“Obviously increasing the number of women in tech industries is good for the industry as well as for the women. We need to put energy into encouraging girls to take an interest in science and mathematics early on in their lives, and destroy the belief that the logical subjects are geared towards the boys,” says Emma Brent, a tech writer at Gum Essays.
The Women We’re Wowed By
1) Ghela Boskovich: Initially an economist, Boskovich launched FemTechGlobal in 2015. This foundation seeks to increase the belief in diversity and encourage men and women to work together to improve technology.
2) Susanne Chishti: She has a full 14 years of experience in the finance industry, and in 2015 she was one of the European Digital Financial Services

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