Global efforts to curb the use of fossil fuels are being made by all of the world’s leading nations, but occasionally, despite the genuine momentum, it can still feel like everything is moving a bit too slowly.

However, a new eye-catching report put together by London-based think tank Carbon Tracker, shows that we might’ve finally left fossil fuels in the ground for good by 2035.

Their research reveals that by 2035, we could be generating over 100 times the amount of electricity that we need to meet global demand, purely from wind and solar. Furthermore, with the cost of renewables declining so rapidly, fossil fuels could naturally be forced out of the market altogether.

If Carbon Tracker’s findings are mirrored in reality, we could be on the threshold of rapid acceleration towards global Net Zero. To illustrate just how feasible their conclusions are, Carbon Tracker points out that the world’s current electricity demand stands at 27 PWh, but by relying on wind and solar, we could generate thousands of petawatts – practically an unlimited supply.

Additionally, this scenario modelling is sensible and isn’t based on ridiculous amounts of land use for renewables installations. If powered by solar alone, they write, we’d need just 450,000 km2 – just 0.3% of the world’s total land area. Saliently, this is a lot less than is currently used by the fossil fuel industry. So not only would we gain a cleaner world, but we’d also gain more of it.

“The fossil fuel era is over”

If renewables prices continue to tumble at their current rate, we’ll see coal, gas and oil priced out of the market by the mid 2030s. There simply won’t be a reason, by that point, to ever turn back to the bad old days of Big Oil. When this transition happens, we could see some startling

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