All the newest AWS Lambda announcements
In the first week of re:Invent, there were a few interesting announcements for Lambda that we should take a moment to look at. A few of these have the potential to save some of us quite a lot of money, and the others help to build on the service as a whole.
One cool new addition gives some users a new way to interact with AWS that they previously might have been locked out of, based on their architectural setup. And in total we have four new noteworthy additions that we can investigate, so let’s just dive in!
Lambda duration billing — actually being charged for what you use!
I know I’m not opening up with the fireworks here, but check out this headline:

While this might not seem earth-shattering, it actually helps a huge number of people who have been leaving a lot of money on the table because of the billing duration minimum. Let’s say for example that you have a simple data lookup and calculate function that takes 10ms to run. 
This function is integral to serverless architectures and is called millions of times per day. Previously, with the 100ms billing duration, you would be charged for 10x the amount of processing time you actually used. Unless you are somehow able to batch these requests and send them out together, which might increase the complexity of the solution, you were just losing value. Losing value really hurts the soul. 
Now, by having the granularity to bill by the millisecond, the company in our example can save a huge amount on its Lambda costs!
Overall this is a great update to Lambda that I’m surprised didn’t come way sooner. And I think it’s pretty safe to say that most workloads will take more than 1ms to run, so I wouldn’t

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