Despite heavy afternoon rains that caused downtime for portions of the Javits Center, an estimated 10,000 cloud computing practitioners descended upon New York City this week for AWS Summit. With access to a vendor exposition and breakout sessions focused on technical and non-technical topics around the world of Amazon Web Services (AWS), attendees got a glimpse into where cloud is heading next.

As always, the most poignant of messages came from AWS CTO Werner Vogels in his Tuesday morning keynote. With the mantra of “build on,” Vogels reflected how the adoption of AWS from various industries has reduced the barriers to innovation, helping industries move from vendor-guided innovation and monolithic architecture models to a new paradigm where applications are interconnected and composed of individualized, elegant building blocks.

Vogels also reaffirmed how far multiple industries have come with the cloud. Whether it’s gaming company Fortnite and their full commitment to AWS that supported a hundredfold increase in users, or the Depository Trust and Credit Corporation (DTCC) adopting scalable cloud storage to manage stock trade and other transaction records, the message was clear: cloud has reached ubiquity.

Nonetheless, AWS continues to push on, focusing on solutions that drive further innovation across all industries. Here’s a brief summary of the new AWS features and services announced in Vogels’ keynote:

Advances in Computing: The need for computing power is increasing and AWS has every intention to support that vision. Vogels pre-announced the availability of new Amazon EC2 R5, R5D, and bare metal instances, which offer scalable processing power to support everything from new media-rich applications to data-rich scientific research projects.


Machine Learning Scales Higher: Machine learning has gained significant traction in 2018 with the help of AWS. At the New York Summit, Vogels announced features that provide greater scalability and speed in machine learning jobs. These include

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